About Us

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Who We Are

Sierra Vista Behavioral Health Center is a 116-bed Medicare-certified skilled nursing facility serving San Bernardino County, California. We care for our residents with unique psychiatric needs. Our Special Treatment Program serves adults with chronic, severe, and persistent mental illnesses, including schizophrenia, psychotic, mood, and personality disorders.

Our Special Treatment Program offers a structured and comprehensive therapeutic approach. This includes individual and group counseling, psycho-educational rehabilitation sessions, support groups, recreational activities, and more. Our professional staff, comprising a multidisciplinary team, tailors our services to address each resident’s unique needs, functioning levels, and personal goals for independent living.

Commitment to Excellence

Sierra Vista Behavioral Health Center is dedicated to extraordinary care. Our purpose revolves around our residents – offering personalized attention in our commitment to elevating their experience with us. We manage our facility with a team of competent, compassionate professionals dedicated to providing top-tier care. We strive to be a beacon of quality service for our residents and their families.